Monday, January 10, 2011

Weather or not?

Hi Crafters,
My Hubby and I went to Ohio for the weekend and hit that white-out blizzard in Lake City, TN We live in Oak Ridge and there was nothing and 25 miles later we were scared!!!!! We couldn't see to get off I 75 north cuz we couldn't see the exit and my hubby is a great driver and he was going about 20 to 25 mph trying to ge us out of it and then we hit Kentucky and hit more snow storms, then we realized the car was barely putting out heat and we were going just outside of Dayton and the winds were 30mph and we almost froze to death! I'm NOT a good traveler to begin with then we visited who we needed to see (very important)then went to the motel and it was supposed to be a handicapped room but was only handicapped equipped and the heater in the motel room wasn't working right! Needless to say we went to bed at 8pm got up early, didn't even take a shower, (tub way too small) got dressed and started back home, had to stop at Walmart and buy a blanket so we could keep warm until we hit warmer weather again and NOW it's Monday morning and we get up and we've got 4 inches of snow here! Went straight back to bed and said "Please Lord tell us when it's safe to get up again!" I realized I'm getting older but my muscles and bones hurt so bad from shivering that I feel 100 instead of 55! I can't remember ever feeling that cold in my entire life and even though I am now in TN (where my mom was born) I was born in Cleveland Ohio where it gets very cold! God was watching out for us like always but I guess he didn't think heat was all that important! It's makes you really think about not ever taking things for granted! We always seem to get by only by the grace of God and that's enough for us! The trip was important and if we had to do it again we would but I am also greatful that it's behind us for now! I would appreciate any prayers for my Sister-in-Law to help her get stronger and stay strong to get through her cancer treatments! She is such a good person and the only thing we can do for her is pray, so if y'all pray too I'd sure appreciate it!

Thank y'all for letting me rattle on, this is very good therapy to get things off your chest! Next post will be a video! Enjoy life.

Keep on Crafting,

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