Thursday, October 17, 2013

Introducing Our "Halo Kids" Collections & Weekly Walks with Jesus Devotionals

Hi All,
     I have not been posting very much in the last couple of months, because my friend and partner in this venture Debbie and I have been working on a Special Project of Collections we are Introducing called  "52 Devotional Sunday Walks with Jesus" and a Wonderful New Series called "Halo Kids" copyright 2012.   Both Collections are for uplifting your Heart and your Faith. 

     Our "52 Devotional Sunday Walks with Jesus" is a Series of Devotionals for every week in the year and is full sized (8-1/2" X 11" ) bound with  large lettering for anyone that can't make it to Church, who has a hard time seeing, is home bound or ambulatory, wants an Inspirational and Uplifting message every week or knows someone that is having difficulties , house bound or ambulatory.

     Our "Halo Kids" Collections have Individual Inspirations that you can send to family and friends just like greeting cards.  The Collection has 55 Individual Pages on Parchment Bond and 20 Parchment Bond Envelopes for mailing, additionally the Collection is in a Box for Gifting or keeping yourself.  These individual pages can also be framed.  There are also 10 Adorable "Halo Kids" faces that are the trademark of these Collections!  Each Angel has his or her own personality and specialty in these Collections.

     There is something for about everyone in the Collections, including Uplifting Poetry,Short Stories,  Anecdotes and Recipes.

     The "52 Devotional Sunday Walks with Jesus" is out now for purchase and the "Halo Kids" Collections will be out soon!

     The price on the Devotionals Booklet will be $12.00 plus s/h and you can pay thru PAYPAL or credit card. Click the picture on the right side of my blog to order now!

     I hope everyone will love these Collections as much as Debbie and I do.

God Bless and as always......happy crafting,


 8-1/2" X 11", Large Lettering, I page per Devotional Sample below......

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day & New Project Faux TP Mini Album for Wallet Size Photos

Hi Y'all,
Today we celebrate our Independence because of our Military who fought so hard for our freedom!  We will be forever grateful.  We ALL SALUTE YOU and Thank You for your service!  AMEN....

I have to say that I made this Video a week ago and forgot to post it!  Some days I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground apparently LOL  Hope that everyone is having a wonderful day with their families.  God Bless us all!

The video is in 2 parts but both are shown below.  Enjoy...

Happy crafting,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Tip for Making Your Own Drawer Pulls or Knobs

Hi All,
     So sorry I've been absent but I have been making a lot of DECOR' Pieces and they are originally by someone else so I haven't been making any videos.  Anyway... I love to make little gift boxes and drawers but I run out of the Tim Holtz "Hitches" that are perfect for Mini drawer pulls, so I came up with my own version that I love and is a lot cheaper than Tim Holtz and much easier to get!LOL
I use Eyelets (ordinary plain ones you get at Joann's) and Brads!  Yes just these two things and have a mini knob or drawer pull!   I have tons of BRADS that I ordered from Oriental Trading and never used many!  Now I use them all the time and they were extremely cheap to get tons of them!  I like to use the 1/4" head size brads and these have the 1/2" prongs so you can use them on cardstock or like me know using a lot of chipboard.  Watch the video below!!! Enjoy...  I'll try to come up with something again soon.

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello to the NEW YEAR

Hi Gang,
Today starts the beginning to start over and get going!  I always love the beginning of the new year and start with pork & saurkraut, etc to help push the new year in like gangbusters!  By the end of the year, I just can't wait for the new year, What a difference a day makes! LOL My hope for all y'all is health, wealth and happiness.  BRING IT ON.....
Hopefully, I will come up with a few more videos!

Happy crafting,