Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Tip for Making Your Own Drawer Pulls or Knobs

Hi All,
     So sorry I've been absent but I have been making a lot of DECOR' Pieces and they are originally by someone else so I haven't been making any videos.  Anyway... I love to make little gift boxes and drawers but I run out of the Tim Holtz "Hitches" that are perfect for Mini drawer pulls, so I came up with my own version that I love and is a lot cheaper than Tim Holtz and much easier to get!LOL
I use Eyelets (ordinary plain ones you get at Joann's) and Brads!  Yes just these two things and have a mini knob or drawer pull!   I have tons of BRADS that I ordered from Oriental Trading and never used many!  Now I use them all the time and they were extremely cheap to get tons of them!  I like to use the 1/4" head size brads and these have the 1/2" prongs so you can use them on cardstock or like me know using a lot of chipboard.  Watch the video below!!! Enjoy...  I'll try to come up with something again soon.

Happy Crafting,