Monday, October 1, 2012

#2 Christmas Gift "Tea Bag Caddy"

Hey Gang,
Here's #2  in the series.  This is a Chipboard Tea Bag Caddy!  This is a great gift and it's very sturdy and will last a long time!  I have made a few for gifts cuz a lot of people are changing from coffee to tea!  I love iced tea but I'm still stickin' to my coffee!  I guess I should try and design a caddy for the Krueg single cup machines!!  I know a lot of people that went to the single cup coffee makers and it's just not enough for me!  Anyway.... hope you can understand my instructions!  Oh,oh, oh, I just ordered the new  Fiskars ProCision Bypass Rotary Cutter!  I can't wait to get it!  It's supposed to cut medium weight chipboard and has "rails" to keep the cutting perfectly straight!  I have been cutting so much chipboard, it's killing my right hand!  I hope this will cure the problem.  When I get it I will do a demonstration of it cutting different materials to show y'all how it works (and if it's worth the price 120.00) Yikes....
Okay, here goes with the 2nd video for Christmas gifts!!!!

Happy Crafting,
Holds the Larger Specialty Teas!  Can adjust size for the regular size tea bags

Trying to show you inside!  This is approx 6" tall X3-1/4" X 2-3/4"
 See you next time for #3 gift idea!

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