Monday, October 22, 2012

#4 Christmas Gift- Tissue Box Cover

Hi Gang,
Here's the 4th video to help you make homemade Christmas gifts.  Also, today is my birthday and I'm 57 years young!  Although today I feel 100 since I fell and hurt my back but everyday I get a little better!  
I'm sure most of you have made Tissue Box Covers either from the plastic canvas or knitting / crocheting them and even out of card stock.  My Tissue Box Cover is made with thick Chipboard!  When you make something from chipboard it last longer than with card stock.  I have one of these in each bedroom. bathroom and my craft room!  When I decide to change the Decor' I make another Tissue Box Cover to match!  I hope you enjoy the video and you can always e-mail me with questions you might have!
Well, that's all for now

Happy Crafting From,

This is one I have in my Guest Bathroom

Added a little bling to the top!


This one is a gift!

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