Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Organizers from FoamBoard

Hi Crafters,
I have been busy the past couple of days re-arranging things in my crafting room and I decided since I can't afford most of the Organizers the world has to sell, I'd make my own!   Sooooooo...Here are some of the pictures of the items I made!  They were fun to make and didn't take too very long!  I might make a video one of these days and show you how to make one of these organizers.   The 1st pictures are of my Ribbon Holder which I made out of cardboard a very long time ago and decided to make it less heavy by making it with White Foamboard.  It also has what most people call a "Lazy Susan" attached to the bottom so it can turn around and around!  The Ribbon Holder measures 15.5"w X 5.25"h X 15.5"l.  It holds ALOT of ribbon depending on how wide the rolls are!  Mine has 52 rolls extending from it and a 5.5" X 5.5" hole in the center for extra rolls.  You can even make just 3 rows and open the box when you need ribbon and it would hold more (approx. 66 rolls) but, I like to be able to grab my ribbon and pull a piece out quickly and cut it off (I have my ribbon scissors setting on top of the box so I never have to look for them) and continue with my project so..

Ribbon Holder by Linn (Outside) bottom 1 is my very old one!

Ribbon Holder by Linn ( outside close-up)
Ribbon Holder by Linn (inside, center is storage)

 Next is my Ink Pad Holder.....
Ink Pad Holder (close-up)

Measures 30"l X 12"w X 4"d
Ink Pad Holder has 10 1"h shelves for ink pads, I have Stampin' Up pads but I don't have ALL of the large pads (40) but I do have all the colors in the Spots!  Also, it holds the re-inker bottle on the 5 shelves that are 3.5"h plus my versa mark pads for embossing etc,

And now my Punch Holder!  I'm so excited about this!....
This holds my Stampin' Up Punches, Border Punches, etc.

Close-Up, measures 22"w X 20"h X 3.5"d
and last but not least... I don't seem to take the best pictures with the lighting overhead of me so I made a "Photo Box" to help me and my pictures look so much better!  I also made 1 that can fold up for travel!!!!!
Photo Box (sort of) Measures 12" X 12" base is 11" square
Well, that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures, by the way I used 6 Foamboards measuring 20" X 30" for all of the above projects including the travel Photo Box!  A hot glue gun, exacto knife, ruler, plastic for ribbon holders on outside, 18 large brads, Lazy Susan and 1 sheet of whisper white card stock and my time!

Keep on crafting,


  1. Wow these are fantastic really love the ribbon organiser. and the photo box. How do you get it to fold flat? These storage units yoou have made are so inspirational.

  2. Found this on Pinterest. You are so clever, thanks for sharing your brilliant cost effective ideas;)