Monday, February 7, 2011

File Folder Note Book

Hi Crafters,
Here's a look at another handy holder for pads, sticky notes, a calendar and pens!  This one is on SCS and other sites but this one I found by Jenn Diercks on SCS under SU Demonstrators. 
This is my version of that project...
       I used a regular manila file folder and covered it with DSP inside and out.
USE STICKY STRIP...for flap to keep pockets closed, snail can be used for all else.
1 - file folder
2 - 12" x 12" pcs DSP  Petals & Paisleys
1 - Note Pad 5" x 8" and cut bottoms off pages so it's 6 7/8" long
1 - Gel Pen (clear barrel so you can decorate inside) any size
1 - 3" x 3"  sticky note pad
1- 2" x 1 1/2" sticky note pad
1 - calendar no larger than  3"h x   4"w  I use 2 1/2" h x 3 1/2"w
1 - 2" x 5" pc for top of notepad to make it match
1 - 1/2" x ? (whatever the length of your pen is) roll around ink cartridge and slide back in barrel Wa-la...matching pen!
1 - set of hook & loop or magnet  closures
Score 1/2" left of center fold on opened file
Score at 12 1/2" and 13"
Score (turn 90 degrees) bottom of folder at 3 1/8"

Cut off 2 1/4" from left side of folder
Cut off tabs on right side so it is straight
Cut off right side bottom 2 pieces to score lines
Use snail adhesive to place DSP on folder
Use Sticky Strip on right and left side of 3 1/8" piece and fold up to make pocket
Take Calendar, punch small holes in top sides, use brads to hold it together and attched to pocket on bottom left side of file folder
Place sticky notes above pocket on left side with sticky strip
Place note pad on right side inside pocket
Place velcro closure on left flap and close to adjust
use ribbon and/or whatever embellishment you would like
All Done!

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