Monday, December 20, 2010

Picture Perfect Glass Bulbs

Hi All,
      I didn't get this up in time but here are some pictures of the Glass Ornaments I make every year for my kids with my grandkids pictures in them.  You can hang them on the Christmas Tree or you can buy the little hangers and set them around the house.  I have made them for graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.  My oldest grandchild is 15 now and I started with these about 10 years ago and I went back and did the ornaments for the previous 5 years so he will have a collection of approximately 18 Glass Picture Perfect Ornaments for his tree when he's old enough to move out on his own.  It's amazing how kids change from year to year and I use there School Pictures after they start school and then they really change from year to year!  Hope you enjoy these.  I do sell them too.  All you have to do is e-mail me the pictures you want in the Ornament.  
     The ornament is approximately 3 1/4", you can pick the color of the ribbon that goes around the ornament and for hanging it.  They also come in individual box's to store them in.  Cost is $9.50 + s/h  each and the more you order the better the discount per ornaments get.
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Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year too, may God bless you in all that you do!
     With warmth in my heart for the spirit of Christmas,
Happy Crafting,

 P.S. These are for friends of mine of there children!

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