Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trying Some New Projects

Hi All,
     I know I've been gone a very long time but life just happens!  I hate doing Videos with Windows 7!  Anyway, I have been making a lot of Mini Scrapbook Albums that have a Themed 3D Project to go along with them!  I have been watching Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon and Laura Dennison of Following the Paper Trail to make these amazing Decor Type Albums!  I have a few pictures to show!  Also, not only was I watching these two terrific ladies' U-Streams but I found a new friend that also was watching the U-Stream Shows and she lives not only in the same state but in the next town over from me!  I went to my first crop this past Saturday because of her and made my 3D Projects instead of scrapbooking! I have to explain this... I do not scrapbook but I DO MAKE Scrapbook Albums for other people to place their photos in! I always seem to do things backwards! LOL  Judy was absolutely delightful and I had one of the best times after I got organized!  Dear Lord that was the hardest thing for me to do.  I'm so used to all of my supplies being in the same place that I couldn't find anything at first , I was so discombobulated that it took about and hour to get ready to do anything but once I got in the groove I had a lot of fun!  (We're going again Sept 15th, can't wait)  I loved the idea of being gone most of the day and just chatting with all the ladies about anything and everything!  This is the best therapy in the world, now I understand why this is SOOOO POPULAR!  LOLLLLLLLL!  It really is a special kind of group of people with one major interest alike and that makes for a great kinship.  I want to be kin too!
      Well enough for now, I have a few photos below...hope you enjoy them!  I WILL be doing some quicky videos for Christmas Gifts on a budget!

Happy Crafting,

This is called a Secretary from PP

Inside the Secretary Size holds lots of cards or mail etc.

Valentines MailBox with Mini inside

Side view, it's about 10" high with a nice sized mini album that fits inside

Baby's Year in Review Set of 3 with a large Drawer

2 Mini Albums in each 6" X 6" Baby Block

Mini Albums are 5.5" x 5.5" with tons of real estate for pictures and Keepsakes

FTPT Mini Album inside of the GreenHouse

Greenhouse with Mini Album inside

Old Fashioned Camera The black lines you seen on the red are photo holders on both sides of Camera

Just another Vieww? Bottom has a Mini Album that's  8"" X 6"

Back Side that has a door that opens w/a mini mini album insde

Mini Mini Album

Side View of Greenhouse

Close-up of Greenhouse

I'll have more as I finish them!  Check out the websites above for some awesome projects!

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