Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture Perfect Bulb Globes

Hi Everyone,
Today I start a few different things for my blog.  I will be talking about other products and using othe products besides Stampin' Up.  I do a lot of digital cutting and I have the Bossket Gazelle Digital Cutter (the Best) and today I am using this digital cutter, 80mm ( 3-1/4") glass bulbs, ribbon, glue, mica flakes and an empty 'Chef Michaels' dog food  can for the base of the snowglobe!  You can use a potted meat can also, or if you have 4" bulbs (102mm) you can use an empty tuna can.
Anyway, here goes, I took pictures of 'scanning my pictures' and using my Funtime III software to create the cutting image.  I only have my webcam so hopefully this won't be too bad!  Ready or not here's the 1st 2012 video... Enjoy.......

Happy Crafting from,

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  1. I love the snow globes! I've done the regular ornaments but hadn't thought about doing snow globes with the clear ornaments. Thanks for sharing a great idea.