Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mini Album for Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone,First, Sorry I haven't posted lately!  Been trying to set up a Class but just can't get the girls on the same shift, let alone the same day for the class....anyway......Today I have an Album that is 5" x 9" , uses 3 - 12" x 12" Double Sided Papers that makes 6 pages alltogether and holds 4" x 6" photos with a mat around them!  Alot of albums hold 4" x 6" photos but if you want a mat around the edges, your pictures have to be smaller.  With this album you won't have to crop your photos at all unless you wish to.  Anyone that still gets photos developed can use this album and have them matted too!  This Album is quick and easy to make and you can add more pages year after year if you wish!   I also have a "WPC file or PDF" for the Swirly Doodle" cost .75 and the Tags for .50.

Enjoy the video!
Happy crafting from,


  1. Hi Linn, great little album! I'm going to try to make one tonight. Thanks for a unique idea!

  2. Linn, what a neat album, haven't made one yet but I'm thinking it's time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. i'll try this one to make me hubby's gify on valentine's day..